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Initial Review

A basic evaluation of your existing contract, to identify potential cost-saving opportunities. This is a complimentary service, if nothing else you’ve had an independent review.

Value Engineering

We get to know your business, identify your needs and find the most cost-effective solution. Implementing and monitoring the changes over a period ensuring the optimum delivery.

Cost Audit

Once-off or ongoing reconciliation of your invoices. We navigate the minefield of matching schedules, contracts, and rates to the amount you are invoiced by suppliers.

Value Engineering Service – Success fee only

Our aim is to save you money. To demonstrate our confidence, we base our fees on the proven savings we are able to establish, with no additional strain on your outgoings.

Customer Focused Service

Whether you need a good once-over of your current situation, assistance to reconcile a statement or ongoing support in managing your costs, we tailor or services to meet your needs.